Bravo 13 March 1980


German punk singer Nina Hagen features on the cover of Bravo of 13 March 1980. That week 37 years ago, Germany’s youth read about:

• Pink Floyd in concert
• The rehearsals for Nina Hagen’s “Anarchy in Germany” tour (she’s nothing if not totally original)
• AC/DC in pictures, with autograph card (to come tomorrow)
• All about ABBA in a “mini magazine” (to come on Friday)
• A report on the movie Mad Max
• Pat Benatar, the opera-trained “rock-tigress”
• How heroin rots away your teeth, nose and feet
• A profile of English footballer Tony Woodcock, who had just signed to FC Cologne.

• The words of a trio of German music TV show presenters (Thomas Gottschalk, Frank Laufenberg, Manfred Sexauer) doing a German version of “Rapper’s Delight” with that new-fangled “rap” music — Germany’s first rap single. Video of that disaster below:


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