Bravo 10 Jan 1980 (Kristy McNichol)


Kristy McNichol features, not for the first time, on the cover of Bravo cover, in the issue of January 1980. In that issue:

• Kristy McNichol told Bravo that she didn’t yet have as steady boyfriend (later we would learn that boyfriends weren’t Kristy’s thing),

• pupils were surveyed whether they cheat at school and how they do it (one girl in Düsseldorf had a famous artist do her art homework; she got the equivalent of an F for it),

• Bravo warned that drugs can be lethal, and why,

• Bravo interviewed the beautiful actress Olivia Pascal who says she was an ugly duckling at school (poster of Pascal tomorrow)

• Robert Palmer talked about his career and family,

• Racist movie Gone With The Wind featured as a photo-novel series


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