Bravo 9 Oct 1980 (Nosbusch)

801009 Bravo cover

Actress and TV personality Desirée Nosbusch on the cover of Bravo of 9 October 1980. Gentleman, avert you eyes: the girl was 15 at the time!

In that issue Germany’s youth read about English “rock-teen” band Def Leppard and Judas Prierst, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nina Hagen on tour, all about Olivia Newton-John, and how Tanya Roberts (gorgeous and legal) landed her role on Charlie’s Angels.

And readers could vote for their favourite record cover from a selection of 20, among them Sgt Pepper’s, Aladdin Sane, Captain Fantastic, The Wailer’s lighter cover of Catch A Fire, The Mallards’ and Roxy Music’s self-titled LPs, Ummagumma, Abraxas, School’s Out and Be-Bop Deluxe’s Axe Victim.

801009 LP Covers

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